her 💕

Hi, I’m SK and this is my daughter Onyx-Decima, otherwise known as Odie. And we are Moncai.

Moncai has been a slow, long journey for me. It first really started back in 2004, when I was 16, and back then it was known as Phanie Pocket. I launched as a swimwear label.

When I was 21, I went to fashion college, and got my Associates Degree in Applied Design majoring in Branded Fashion. It was whilst I was at college that Moncai was formed.

Moncai’s name means MONKEY in Irish. One of my family heritages is Irish, along with Aboriginal, Australia, German, Italian and a few others.

Moncai is my little creative baby I love to nurture in-between my other day jobs of being a full time single mum, graphic designer in Real Estate, and VA for some local companies and brands.

Slowly Moncai has been evolving, with firstly having produces mass produced in China, to now having my products ethically made, made to order, here in Australia and a few locations around the world also.

Moncai is now mostly based graphic prints on apparel, swimwear, activewear. All being customisable within the prints. So everyone can create their own unique look!

If you’d like to know anything more about Moncai, and creating your own unique pieces, just drop me an email, or DM on social, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible (and you might get some jibberish reply from Odie too)