1. Add a drop into a nip glass of water when you have reflux to sooth your burning throat
  2. Place two drops in your water bottle (glass) and drink it throughout the day to support your digestive system and aid healthy bowel movements.
  3. Have a glass of water with 1-2 drops in it and drink it down, to ease your belly if you are an IBS suffer of tend to get ‘blocked up’.
  4. Drink a drop in a glass of water 30 mins before a big meal to benefit your digestive system.
  5. Did you eat too much and have and a sore belly? Rub a couple of drops with some fractionated coconut oil in circles on your belly, in a clockwise direction to easy that blaaah feeling.
  6. Rub a couple of drops with some fractionated coconut oil on your belly in a clockwise direction to alleviate a nausea.
  7. Open the bottle and breath it in directly from the bottle with three deep breaths to support you through morning sickness.
  8. Add a drop of DigestZen and a drop of lemon to some water and swoosh it in your mouth to freshen your breath when your at a restaurant and have eaten something stinky.
  9. Dilute and rub across the bridge of your nose to aid sinus symptoms
  10. Dilute and rub into your temples and shoulders to reduce head tension
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