About Moncai

Hi, I am SK and I am the designer, creator and buyer behind Moncai!
and currently carrying the next Moncai team member Onyx.

I started Moncai back in 2011 when I started studying at Billy Blue College of Design.
It is a mixture of designing, creating and buying.
Everything here, is run just by me. One person team.

Some items I design and get made overseas in various locations - in which the items are created once ordered and the manufacturers do drop shipping - currently Australia, America and the UK.
Some items I design and create all myself.
and other items I buy from wholesalers and other local labels

So when you order, you may get a few packages for your one purchase, as some of items might be coming from different parts of the world.

A lot of Moncai can be customised.
Just drop a message about what you are thinking and we will talk!